Asbestos contamination investigation in buildings – VDI Guideline 6202 Sheet 3 creates legal certainty

Posted on 01 February .

Construction materials containing asbestos are still widespread in many buildings. All buildings from before 1994 are considered to be suspected of containing asbestos. This means that asbestos fibers can be released during conversion or demolition work in particular and can endanger users and workers. Systematic inspection and documentation should therefore be standard for all older buildings. In the run-up to demolition, this is mandatory anyway (see article “LAGA M23”).

Above all, a professional investigation requires the expert to have extensive experience of contaminants in buildings and their locations. VDI Guideline 6202-3 (“Contaminated buildings and technical installations – Asbestos – Exploration and assessment”; 2021-09) describes the necessary systematic procedure for investigating building contaminants for asbestos. During a detailed inspection by the expert, all “suspicious facts” (i.e. materials suspected of being contaminated and their locations) are identified. The number of necessary samples is then derived on a reliable statistical basis (sampling plan). This ensures that materials containing asbestos can be identified with sufficient certainty. Only in this way can hazards be ruled out and the proof of “asbestos-free” required for the disposal of building rubble be provided (see article “LAGA M23”).

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