Sampling / Measurements

High quality and reliability are essential for sampling and measurements.

Especially within the scope of ongoing construction measures a fast and flexible project handling is also required. In order to avoid unnecessary costs, samples must always be taken and examined to a necessary and reasonable extend. The legal regulations in their current version must also be taken into account at all times.

This requires experienced and qualified staff at sampling and at laboratory analytics.

Exploratory drilling on a roof

Water samples from a contaminated site

Building fabric, waste, soils, soil gas, water or dust samples must be collected:

  • from the correct material
  • representative
  • from the correct zone / horizon
  • in sufficient quantities
  • with approved tools and methods
  • by qualified, independent staff.

The sampled material is usually chemically analyzed in the original substance or in the eluate and subsequently evaluated.
If necessary (e.g. if the asbestos content is to be tested), the material or building material samples are also examined under the scanning electron microscope (SEM).
The results of the laboratory tests are the basis for a (cost-)effective and successful project. It is only through them that, for example, remediation and its processes can be planned, work safety measures can be assessed and waste recycling routes can be clarified.

SEM photo of asbestos in fiber cement

Sampling of excavated material using an excavator

The LGA-IUA team consists of samplers and technicians with many years of experience. In addition to expertise for work according to TRGS 519 and TRGS 521 and technical qualification in accordance with DGUV Regulation 101-004 (formerly BGR 128), all our experts have completed the “Sampling in accordance with LAGA PN98” expertise training course.

We collect and analyze samples of the following materials independently and neutrally:

  • soil
  • sediments
  • soil gas
  • groundwater
  • surface water
  • wastewater
  • building materials
  • mineral waste
  • road superstructure and roadbed
  • roadside soil material
  • asbestos
  • artificial mineral fibers / AMF
  • dust
  • landfill gas
  • sludge

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