Engineering Geology / Cliff and Slope Stabilization

Landslides, rockfalls and rockslides are natural processes in which rock material and/or loose material is moved down the slope in an unforeseeable way for non-experts. Depending on the type and extent of these natural events, speeds from a few centimeters per year up to several meters per second with a high hazard and damage potential can occur. Since natural erosion created slopes and cliffs that are only just stable under the existing climate conditions these geological structures are particularly sensitive to human intervention, although often with a time lag. Particularly the entry of water, excavations, landfills and even vibrations can disturb the balance and cause mass movements.

Valley in the Franconian Switzerland

Rockfall incident at a road

According to the general legal interpretation the landowner is liable for hazards and damages originating from his property. Furthermore, persons who make an area available to the public (e.g. construction of roads, hiking trails and cycle paths, designation of a construction area) can also become subject to securing obligations. However, in practice there is often a lack of adequate adaptation to the natural conditions. Early hazard identification and analysis as well as adequate precaution through protection concepts and safety measures are basic requirements.

The LGA is an Examination Center for Rock Fall and Landslide Hazards certified according to ISO 9001 which draws on decades of experience in managing geo-risks. All evaluations are based on the expert geological and topographical analysis of the hazardous area, identification of potentials for mass movements and the examination whether or not there are endangered objects within the impact range of the process. On this basis we design safety measures that sustainably eliminate or contain the hazard potential if necessary.

Rock inspection and documentation by an IUA expert

Our services to you include:

  • GIS-based hazard analysis for existing objects (cycle paths, roads, buildings, etc.), e. g. on the basis of the LfU hazard map
  • Hazard analysis from slope sections to individual objects
  • Assessment and registration of rock walls, slopes and individual objects, if necessary by means of rope access technology (RAT)
  • GIS-based change detection of large-scale slope movements
  • Planning and design of protection concepts and safety measures
  • Preparation of bidding documents, construction supervision and acceptance of the measures to be executed
  • Regular inspection and control of existing safety structures
  • Conservation of evidence before and after interventions in the slope geometry

Moreover the LGA-IUA is qualified as “Examination Center for Rock Fall and Landslide Hazards” to perform external quality controls and take on tasks as head technical expert.

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