Optical Well Inspection (Well TV) / Functional Checks

During the construction and use of wells and groundwater monitoring sites, it is imperative that their development (location of the filter screens) and condition (incrustations, fouling, silting) are verified to ensure that the well characteristics and water quality can be reliably assessed.

Filter screen pipe with brown deposits

Silting commencing in screen slots

The LGA Institute for Environmental Management GmbH possesses an optical (well – TV) inspection system. This can navigate groundwater monitoring sites, wells, geothermal wells and open drilling holes, subsequently record the results and then evaluate these as a video or as individual images.

The system is designed:

  • to control the establishment and for the final inspection and approval of groundwater monitoring sites for documentation purposes for water resources management authorities
  • for the inspection of existing groundwater wells for which development plans are no longer available, or where aging or damage are assumed
  • for the optical inspection of the filter areas for incrustations, biological growth, washed in insulating material, sand or clay
  • to control the pipe joints
  • to check for offsets in the development

As an independent institute, we offer you an expertise and / or final inspection and approval / documentation of your groundwater monitoring sites. We will furnish you with a complete documentation, including an evaluation of the visually discernible characteristics / damage in the monitoring site. Our well TV – system is complete and highly compact, and ideal for mobile inspections.

Intact screen slots

Clogged screen slots

It offers the following possibilities:

  • the inspection of wells, drilling holes and monitoring sites with a diameter ranging from  50 mm to 200 mm (2 to 8”)
  • close-up macro images of, for example, damage, cracks, incrustations or rock strata can be taken with an infinitely rotatable, pivotable and manually focusable color camera with integrated LED illumination
  • the inspection of wells to a maximum depth of 100 m

GCC vision software serves as control panel for the presentation and recording of videos, the storage of photos as well as the display of data (with date, time, depth, free text, etc.). You will receive all data collected in a PDF file as well as JPG images and as an mp4 video.

Download our flyer “Well inspections”.

For new construction measures of groundwater monitoring wells, the qualified acceptance of work by means of a camera inspection is an urgently recommended measure.

According to the specifications of the Bavarian State Office for the Environment (LfU), leaflet no. 2.1/4 (section 2.5), functional checks should be carried out every 5 years to maintain the measuring points. In many notifications for groundwater monitoring of backfills, landfills, contaminated sites and old deposits, the function control is an integral part and must therefore be carried out.

We offer these services from under one roof:

  • General local inspection
  • Fill-up test
  • Television survey
  • Verification of the measuring point height
  • Desludging if necessary

You can find detailed information on this in our Brochure for the function control of wells / measuring points.

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