Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) / Environmental Studies

Protection of the environment is regulated by a large number of interlocking laws such as the German Federal Nature Conservation Act (BNatSchG) and the Bavarian Nature Conservation Act (BayNatSchG) as well as the Habitats Directive and the Birds Directive (Special Protection Areas, SPAs, and Natura 2000 for the conservation of wild birds). If construction projects and other projects fulfill the so-called project concept according to the German Federal Nature Conservation Act (BNatSchG) the impact of the project on nature and the environment must be assessed.

Nature reserve “Ehrenbürg” (Walberla)

Butterfly “swallowtail”

The effects of projects on animal species protected under European law (species listed in Annex IV of the Habitats Directive) must almost in principle be assessed by means of a species protection assessment (saP). In the event of projects in areas under the Habitats Directive compatibility with the protected assets (species, habitats) and conservation objectives of the area protected by the Habitats Directive must be determined. For major projects the Environmental Impact Assessment Act (UVPG) even prescribes a comprehensive assessment of other aspects such as pollutant and noise immissions.

In order to prevent avoidable adverse effects on species and habitats during the operation of facilities and remediation under the German Federal Soil Protection Act, but also in the impact areas of construction sites or in case of rock protection measures, the effects of the project on objects of protection must be assessed in good time and suitable measures for nature and species protection must be elaborated and coordinated with the authorities. These include e.g. compliance with special periods for pruning trees for bird protection or compensatory and contingency measures.

European toad

LGA Institut für Umweltgeologie und Altlasten GmbH provides the following services to you in cooperation with its partners:

  • Preliminary assessment of the project to clarify whether expert assessments are necessary
  • Preparation of analysis concepts
  • Support in consultation with authorities
  • Species protection assessments
  • Environmental impact assessments

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