Examination Center

In addition to our own investigations and assessments at the highest professional level in the “contaminated building and construction waste“, “disused military waste and explosive ordnances” and “rock fall and landslide hazards” subject areas our institute is also qualified to perform external monitoring and to take on tasks as head technical expert. The examination centers are certified according to ISO 9001:2015  and have a QM system according to DIN 17020.

As an “Examination Center for Contaminated Building Materials and Construction Waste” LGA-IUA has the competence to perform inspections in areas such as:

  • Investigation of contaminants, hazard analysis, verification of remediation planning
  • Verification of demolition and dismantling plans
  • Verification of declaration analyses
  • Waste classification
  • External monitoring and evaluation of contaminated building material and construction waste
  • Compilation of contaminant registers
  • Expert assessments in the above-mentioned areas

As an “Examination Center for Disused Military Sites” the LGA-IUA performs inspections in areas such as:

  • Exploration and evaluation of soil contamination by explosive compounds and explosive ordnance
  • Historical exploration including analysis of aerial photographs
  • Compilation and verification of inspection, occupational safety and clearance concepts
  • Technical exploration
  • Risk assessment
  • Preparation of clearance and remediation plans
  • Monitoring of clearance and remediation measures
  • Acceptance including expert assessment and documentation in the area of disused military sites and explosive ordnances

As an “Examination Center for Rock Fall and Landslide Hazards” LGA-IUA has the competence to perform inspections and activities in areas such as:

  • GIS-based hazard analysis for existing objects (cycle paths, roads, buildings, etc.), e.g. on the basis of the hazard of the LfU hazard map
  • Hazard analysis from slope sections to individual objects
  • Assessment and registration of rock walls, slopes and individual objects, if necessary by means of rope access technology (RAT)
  • GIS-based change detection of large-scale slope movements
  • Planning and design of protection concepts and safety measures
  • Preparation of bidding documents, construction supervision and acceptance of the measures to be executed
  • Regular inspection and control of existing safety structures
  • Conservation of evidence before and after interventions in the slope geometry

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