Disposal of construction waste – requirements of the new LAGA M23 on asbestos

Posted on 30 January .

LAGA M23 (” Execution aid for the disposal of waste containing asbestos”) regulates the disposal of waste containing asbestos. A new version is now available dated November 29, 2023. It will be successively being introduced by the individual countries, whereby country-specific modifications are possible.

This results in serious changes for the disposal of construction waste: All buildings that were built before 1994 are initially considered to be suspected of containing asbestos:

Before any construction work, such as demolition, renovation or maintenance, is carried out on buildings whose construction began before October 31, 1993 and for which there is no proof that they are asbestos-free due to an asbestos removal project that has already been carried out, an investigation for asbestos as a pollutant is required. This requirement results from the requirements of the KrWG, the GefStoffV, the Baustellenverordnung (BaustellV) and the respective state building regulations. Implementation is specified by the requirements of VDI 6202 Sheet 3.

(see article “VDI 6202 Sheet 3”)

If this is not done or if materials containing asbestos are not completely separated on the basis of a dismantling concept before demolition, the resulting construction waste must be disposed of as hazardous waste at very high cost.

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