Disused Military Sites

Disused military sites are sites where explosive ordnances where formerly manufactured, assembled, stored and destroyed (explosion grounds).

The particular hazard in disused military sites is due to explosive compounds (in particular explosive agents and powder) as well as chemical weapons and tear gas and their metabolites.

Aerial photo of an explosion ground (1952)

Site for disposing weapons located in a gravel pit

Historically, military contaminated sites are often closed linked to disused military sites. These include, for example, military training areas, barracks, military tank farms, missile stations and airports.

Conventional contaminants (hydrocarbons, BTEX aromatics, VHH, PFC) often play the central role on military contaminated sites.

Are all disused military sites highly dangerous?
When one began to investigate the first sites in the mid-1980s, focus was placed on the former large TNT plants (Stadtallendorf, Hessisch Lichtenau, Clausthal-Zellerfeld). Today one knows that these plants are at amongst the Top Ten of the “remediation cases.”

Buried remnants of ammunitions

Our services to you include:

  • Historical research using our knowledge base
  • Estimation of the ammunition turnover and the explosive contaminants released
  • GIS-based, 3D, digital aerial photo analysis
  • Site characterization with customized survey design planning
  • Exploratory and detailed investigations
  • Hazard assessment for the subjects of protection human being, soil, plants and groundwater
  • Occupational health and safety concepts that take the particular hazards inherent in ammunition, weapons and explosive compounds into consideration
  • Remediation investigation, design, preparation of bidding documents, monitoring

Moreover LGA-IUA is qualified as Examination Center for Disused Military Sites to perform external quality controls and take on tasks as head technical expert.

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