Successful DAkkS audit

Posted on 22 November.

For our evaluations of soil, water, building materials and waste, we value qualified sampling very highly. Our comprehensive quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 is accredited by the DAkkS (German Accreditation Body) and is regularly reviewed (every 1.5 years) as part of monitoring audits.

A complete review of all sampling procedures and the management system is required every 5 years (“reassessment”, formerly “reaccreditation”).

Measurement setup for water sampling
Taking samples from watercourses
During the audit in July 2023, two DakkS auditors were in the building for two days each and inspected all processes in detail. In a letter dated November 3, 2023, the DakkS confirmed the continuation of our accreditation. Quotes from the audit report:

“All employees authorized to take samples have the necessary skills and abilities to carry out sampling competently and professionally in accordance with standards. The team deployed for soil sampling carries out the technical work in an experienced manner.”

“The employees are characterized by their sound professional training.”

“The basic entrepreneurial family concept is particularly noteworthy. This makes it possible to create a stable, low-fluctuation basis. The resulting continuity is also reflected in the management system, which is actively practiced and continuously developed.”

(DakkS certificate) (Annex to DakkS certificate)


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