Our institute celebrates its 20th anniversary!

Written on January 05 2022

On January 1, 2002, the LGA Institut für Umweltgeologie und Altlasten GmbH was founded as an independent company from the LGA department of the same name (corporation under public law).

It is thus in the tradition of contaminated site management in the LGA, which already started in the early 1980s (for insiders: at that time, the “Holland List” was still the standard…).

We say Thank you to our loyal clients and our reliable partners.

Together with you we still have a lot of plans and we are looking forward to it!

LGA Institut für Umweltgeologie und Altlasten GmbH

Christian-Hessel-Str. 1
D-90427 Nürnberg

Phone:  +49 911 12076 100
Telefax:  +49 911 12076 110


LGA workshop KA5
LGA workshop KA5

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