Newly published: Recommendations for handling asbestos containing fire dampers

Today, there are still about 500,000 old fire dampers containing asbestos in operation, some of which show clear signs of aging, such as decomposition of the asbestos foam or damage to the damper blade. Measurements have shown that fire dampers damaged in this way can release asbestos fibers when triggered.

Possible hazards not only for the users of the buildings, but also for the people who carry out inspections/maintenance of the fire dampers. This has led to some companies no longer carrying out appropriate work on fire dampers containing asbestos. As a result, some building owners are suspending testing/maintenance work and are thus not fulfilling their obligations under the legal regulations.

Damaged damper blade

Heavily damaged stop gasket

In mid-March 2021, the working group on asbestos-containing fire dampers in the Gesamtverband Schadstoffsanierung e. V. (GVSS) published its recommendations for action. (GVSS), in which LGA IUA GmbH is also represented by Dr. Jürgen Kisskalt, Carmen Weiblen and Bernd Malkmus, published recommendations for handling fire dampers containing asbestos.The aim is to show ways in which the safe continued operation of the old dampers is possible for a transitional period. Even if a rapid replacement of all fire dampers containing asbestos is generally desirable, this measure cannot be completed within a few years due to the large number of dampers and high costs.

The publication of the working group compiles the current state of knowledge in dealing with fire dampers containing asbestos. It is aimed at operators and building owners, construction experts and specialist companies in the fields of fire protection and technical building equipment. The aim is to provide recommendations for the safe handling of asbestos-containing fire dampers from an expert’s point of view, as long as no corresponding specifications are available from the government and/or the employers’ liability insurance associations. The entire publication is available for download here. You can find our range of services on the subject of fire dampers here.

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