Foundation stone laid for Cube One of UTN (University of Technology Nuremberg)

Posted on 21 November.

Since the purchase of the land by the State of Bavaria, the LGA Institut für Umweltgeologie und Altlasten GmbH has accompanied the formation of the UTN – the new Technical University of Nuremberg.

On November 18, 2022, Prime Minister Dr. Markus Söder then laid together with the Science Minister Markus Blume, Construction Minister Christian Bernreiter, the founding president at Nuremberg University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Hans Jürgen Prömel, and the Mayor of the City of Nuremberg, Marcus König, the foundation stone for the first building on the campus – Cube One.

The time capsule with photos of the undeveloped area, a streetcar model, a building model and a USB stick with programming code is walled in (from left: Marcus König, Christian Bernreiter, Markus Söder, Markus Blume and Hans Jürgen Prömel)

Dr. Markus Söder – The first step of something big new

Granite plate commemorating the laying of the foundation stone

The foundation stone is laid

The LGA Institut für Umweltgeologie und Altlasten GmbH contributed to the quick realization of the building project with the investigation and remediation of contaminated sites, with the supervision of the site clearance and with the preparation of a contaminated site and subsoil expertise (in cooperation with LGA Baugrund GmbH). Even the radon concentrations in the subsoil were measured by the LGA Institut für Umweltgeologie und Altlasten GmbH investigation department and the radon activity concentrations for the future building were estimated – harmless.

The LGA Institut für Umweltgeologie und Altlasten GmbH was also allowed to participate in the structural planning and in the framework planning for the UTN. Their greatest concern, to prevent senseless soil disposal with gigantic emissions of CO2 and waste of diesel fuel through intelligent soil management, found its way into the planning and was laid down in a progressive soil management concept together with the environmental protection office of the city of Nuremberg. For the construction of Cube One, therefore, only a few hundred tons of soil from a fuel spill had to be disposed of via biological cleaning – a great success for the environment!

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