Flow Quantifications of Watercourses

Accurate and reliable water level and discharge measurement is the basis for solid assessment of the water status, the aquatic characteristics and for planning measures in the case of water management issues in watercourses.
Particularly in the case of an assessment of zero pollution of waters required in accordance with the Water Framework Directive (WFD), e.g. in the course of major road construction measures, these measurements are indispensable.
Flow measurement in a stream
Flow measurement in a culvert
When preparing discharge measurements a suitable measurement concept must be developed. Expertise and experience in the field of hydrometry are preconditions for this.
Only measuring programs which are individually tailored to the respective issue and boundary conditions in the investigation area (choice of suitable measuring sections, quantity, frequency and duration of the measurements) can provide reliable results.
We use the modern MF Pro measuring instrument from OTT for discharge measurement. This instrument facilitates the detection of flow velocities of 0 to 6 m/s using a magnetic-inductive sensor.
Since the device is not equipped with any mechanically moved parts it can even be used with a high concentration of suspended particles and in weedy areas. In addition, the water depth is automatically measured by the depth sensor.
Abfluss3Determined cross section profile of a stream
All measurement results are automatically recorded in the field and the total flow is subsequently calculated using software according to internationally recognized standards (mid-section/mean-section method according to EN ISO 748). Unlike in the case of measurements using a current meter, transmission errors are ruled out with this instrument.
Abfluss4Calculated flow rate in a stream in relation to its cross section

Our services to you include:

  • Preparation of suitable investigation concepts
  • Discharge measurement in streams, small rivers and canals
  • Accompanying collection of water samples and chemical analyses
  • Assessment of material loads