Our Partners

As company within the LGA-Group, we develop reliable solutions for our clients in the fields of environmental management and geoconsulting (geotechnical engineering).

For issues beyond this and topics such as geotechnical engineering, air quality control, noise protection, concrete and material science or other issues our network of experts and technicians working for the LGA ensures that we provide you with the perfect solution..

When it comes to "land recycling" you benefit from the pooling of expertise in the fields of remediation of contaminated sites, geotechnical evaluation and structural analysis, valuation (in cooperation with DuE) as well as urban planning (in cooperation with CIMA).

Here is a list of the partners we cooperate with in our projects:

Geotechnical evaluation:
LGA Bautechnik GmbH

Concrete and material science:
LGA Bautechnik GmbH

Geotechnical engineering:
LGA Bautechnik GmbH

Air quality control:
LGA Immissions- und Arbeitsschutz GmbH

Urban planning:
CIMA Beratung + Management GmbH

Structural analysis:
LGA Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern

Evaluation of real estate:
DuE WertConsult