Secure Judgments – Reliable Solutions

As company within the LGA Group we develop reliable solutions for our clients in the fields of environmental management and geoconsulting (geotechnical engineering).

Our institute's target is to apply our many years of experience in the fields of subsurface contaminations, contaminated building materials and waste, geohazards and environmental damage for our clients' benefit. Based on our extensive knowledge, we want to give you clear, competent answers and save you work, unnecessary trouble and costs.

Competence, dedication and creativity are the tools of our team of experts comprised of experienced geologists, geoecologists, geographers and chemical and process engineers. The network of experts and technicians working for the LGA ensures that we always find an answer and technical advice for our clients. This also applies to issues that extend the conventional environmental management and geoconsulting (geotechnical engineering) and concerns subjects such as geotechnical engineering, air quality control, noise control, concrete and material science or others.

You can find a selection of our partners here.

Carlo Schillinger
Managing Director, LBD
Diplom Geologist

Phone: +49 911 12076 101
Fax: +49 911 12076 110
Mobile: +49 171 55 91 875

Dr. Jürgen Kisskalt
Managing Director
Diplom Geologist

Phone: +49 911 12076 102
Fax: +49 911 12076 110
Mobile: +49 170 33 20 493

Jochen Köhler
Diplom Geoecologist
Executive Manager

Phone: +49 911 12076 107
Fax: +49 911 12076 110
Mobile: +49 170 63 82 671